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Temptation (Closed au)

Lucian usually wasn’t very interested in souls that weren’t already damned. It was his job mainly to steal life force from people through sexual contact in dreams, and he was fine with that. Sometimes though, the temptation to taint someone sexually pure was too great. It was absolutely lovely to see someone give into the sin of lust. He’d done that a few times, however he’d never had his ultimate fantasy of training someone and getting them truly addicted to him and the feelings he could provide.

This was the very reason why his interest was perked when he could smell a relatively pure soul in the club he was at. It was such a rarity to smell something so divine, that he was drawn right to him like a bee to a flower. It was a brunet, sitting at the bar on one of the many stools, and already the incubus was roaming his gaze over his body. He stared appreciatively, before he sat next to him casually. Now, to think up a conversation starter.

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